Every world culture comes with a multitude of stories, fables, and myths that relate to humanity's most primal feelings. All of us, regardless of origin, race, or religion have experienced them; hope, fear, need for protection, yearning for romance. They are the thoughts that suddenly wake us in the middle of the night; the thoughts we would never dare say out loud.

Lore from medieval to modern times often tells tales of objects or beings that can lead us towards our heart's desires. Many of these stories often feature an animalistic creature that guides us on a spiritual journey, assisting us in finding what we seek. Some of these creatures are real, some mystical; but all have infinite wisdom and serve as faithful guardians of our inner selves, contributing to our most positive qualities and helping us to forge ahead by drawing out our true characters.

Darwin claimed that humanity is the top of the food chain. Still, in these times, we constantly seek as much reassurance, help, and guidance as we can grasp. In the millennia of history, jewelry often acted as objects that can strengthen, protect, and grant wishes to its wearers. We at Devil's Tear believe this remains true today. Bejeweled adornments have been ascribed special meanings – from the ability to create protective shells for warding off evil, to changing one's destiny and bringing good fortune. Our needs for destination fulfillment are strengthened by personal amulets, or talismans.

The selection of the right piece of jewelry is a very personal process. We hope to help guide each of our clients in finding their own individual talismans. Our creations are meant to imbue feelings of positive power that are specific to each person. These powers can evoke magical feelings, uncover new passions, and ward off our personal demons.

When we create a piece, we are not sure whether it will become a Guardian of the Lake or a part of the Collection of Eve. Only once the jewelry is completed are we able to discern whether it should have precious or semi-precious stones added, and the choice of the stones depends on the hue of the leather and specific way the metal was carved by the master jeweler.

The object of the jewelry is not to personify one's own self, but to bring out the inner qualities of each wearer by representing not only who they are, but who they want to be, and what they hope to achieve. The pieces are not custom linked with a person; they work in quite the opposite way. Using our sorting tools while browsing the jewelry, one can find the perfect piece that brings out the best qualities of one's inner self, and manifests them into other strengths using the powers of the talismans.

The piece you choose (or the piece that calls to you) will be ready to become your amulet, absorbing the positive energies and qualities within you as it fights off the negative forces in the life that surrounds. It will add nature-inspired beauty to your daily look, and become the perfect addition to any outfit, transitioning from the office to after-hours with ease, polish, and style. Our Limited Edition line has special surprises for its wearers, contributing additional elements of spiritual protection or lucky charms. These pieces do not reflect any religious affiliations, nor are they disconnected by the origins of its wearer. They simply carry ancient motifs and amplified radiance that reflect the same guidance our ancestors were seeking in nature.

Every piece of the jewelry features a unique combination of silver, gold, leather, and precious stones. As most of our materials come from the wild, and nature is not keen on making copies, no one piece is identical in appearance to another. Heads and tails of the creatures are molded, and then hand-crafted to our standard of perfection by our team of jewelry masters, ensuring that no piece is ever the same.

Ever dreamed about wearing a piece of jewelry that carries with it the sound of the waves, the smell of the salt in the ocean, the heat of volcanos, or the music of the trees after rainfall? Devil's Tear jewelry is created on several paradise islands, including the magical island of Bali. The pieces are made by our carefully selected silver and goldsmiths throughout Bali's different regions. Some of our makers prefer to craft near to their families, which reflects on the quality and energy of Devil's Tear pieces. The wearing of jewelry tells a personal story of confidence, dreams, and the inner child behind them by providing a partner with whom to argue facts and perceptions.

Our ancestors believed that one can re-write its life story by choosing a different road each time the new chapter opened. Let Devil's Tear Jewelry be your guide into your new story. Be daring, excited, or scared; but mostly, just be. Write your own journey and Devil's Tear will be your talisman to guide your way.